Private lessons

The Guisane valley, near Briançon, is a magnificent place to learn paragliding, with breathtaking
scenery and varied, fun places to practice. Serre Chevalier Parapente can help you discover
paragliding all year round, through courses and private lessons.

Serre Chevalier parapente

offers private lessons with :

• Quality flying equipment of the year.
• A 9-seater vehicle for access to the flying sites.
• Spacious premises to welcome you.
• Instructors who are qualified, passionate and involved in your training.

Introduction to private lessons

We offer an introduction to paragliding with your first big flights, either solo with radio guidance or in a two-seater (tandem) with an instructor.
Beforehand, you’ll spend two or three days on the ground learning how to handle the wing and getting to grips with the equipment.
Theoretical lessons on flight control are provided to go over the important points and answer any questions you may have… and during the last few days, the skies open up for you!

Advanced private lessons

With an instructor, we’ll take you closer to autonomy in calm air, on a known site. A short training slope session is carried out to validate what you have learnt.
You will gradually be freed from radio guidance and will be able to use the decision-making indicators to take off, fly and land safely.

Prerequisite: You must already have made long flights using radio guidance.

For all private lessons

– To book a private lesson, please contact us by telephone.
– Certificate: All students are required to produce a medical certificate stating that they have no contraindications to paragliding.
– Attire: Sunglasses, shoes suitable for running on varied terrain and clothing suitable for the mountains (be prepared for the cold, even in summer).
– Insurance: You will need to take out aviation civil liability insurance on site (54€/year for the firsttime license holder + legal protection option 1.5€/year) as well as personal accident insurance (Pack essentiel volant 56€/year) if you don’t have any.
– Terms and conditions: 4-day private lessons are given over 7 consecutive days. Days not taken due to bad weather will be postponed or not invoiced if no postponement is possible.
– Equipment: If you bring your own complete flight equipment, you will receive a discount of 15€ per day on the courses..

Complete equipment includes:
A revised glider, approved to EN 926-1 and EN926-2/LFT A-B-C in accordance with the pilot’s level.
A harness approved to EN 1651, with protections.
An EN 966 approved helmet.
An EN 12491 approved reserve parachute.
A radio.